Alaskan Towns

First Ave. Ruby, Alaska<br> photo 15<br>
Chena, Alaska in Winter<br> photo 44<br>
First Ave. Ruby, Alaska
photo 15

Chena, Alaska in Winter
photo 44

Chena, Alaska. Aug. 3, 1910.<br> photo 179<br>
Birds Eye View of Chena Alaska, July 30, 1905<br> photo 182<br>
Chena, Alaska. Aug. 3, 1910.
photo 179

Birds Eye View of Chena Alaska, July 30, 1905
photo 182

Frontier Street Nome Alaska, June 16th, 1910<br> photo 135<br>
McQuesten & Co., Circle City 1895<br> photo 19<br>
Frontier Street Nome Alaska, June 16th, 1910
photo 135

McQuesten & Co., Circle City 1895
photo 19

Broadway Skaguay [sic] Alaska, May 20th, 1898<br> photo 20<br>
View of Metlakahtla<br> photo 239<br>
Broadway Skaguay [sic] Alaska, May 20th, 1898
photo 20

View of Metlakahtla
photo 239

Main St. Cordova<br> photo 245<br>
Main Street Cleary City, Alaska<br> photo 246<br>
Main St. Cordova
photo 245

Main Street Cleary City, Alaska
photo 246

Camp Comfort<br> photo 247<br>
Valdez Fire Department<br> photo 251<br>
Camp Comfort
photo 247

Valdez Fire Department
photo 251

Cantwell Roadhouse<br> photo 256<br>
A street scene in Dawson<br> photo 265<br>
Cantwell Roadhouse
photo 256

A street scene in Dawson
photo 265

Rapids Roadhouse<br> photo 278<br>
Tonsina Roadhouse<br> photo 279<br>
Rapids Roadhouse
photo 278

Tonsina Roadhouse
photo 279

Entrance to Saloon<br> photo 281<br>
Entrance to Saloon
photo 281

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