Historical Photographs that capture the land and feel of Alaska.

Boulders Rock Candy Mountain Alaska<br> photo 95<br>
A Winter Morning<br> photo 127<br>
Boulders Rock Candy Mountain Alaska
photo 95

A Winter Morning
photo 127

Klondyke Home Sweet Home<br> photo 128<br>
The Approach of Winter in the Arctic<br> photo 138<br>
Klondyke Home Sweet Home
photo 128

The Approach of Winter in the Arctic
photo 138

Alaskan Silver Enchantment<br> photo 177<br>
Bering Sea After a Storm at Nome<br> photo 183<br>
Alaskan Silver Enchantment
photo 177

Bering Sea After a Storm at Nome
photo 183

Land of the midnight sun<br> photo 219<br>
"Sunset at Nome, Alaska 1:45pm"<br> photo 226<br>
Land of the midnight sun
photo 219

"Sunset at Nome, Alaska 1:45pm"
photo 226

Crossing the Yukon with mail<br> photo 237<br>
Cape Sarachef Lighthouse<br> photo 248<br>
Crossing the Yukon with mail
photo 237

Cape Sarachef Lighthouse
photo 248

Birdseye View of Wotmans Roadhouse<br> photo 273<br>
Birdseye View of Wotmans Roadhouse
photo 273

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