Military In Alaska

WAC marching in formation<br>photo218<br>WAC marching in formation
Date of photo: 1939-1959
Location: Western Alaska
From the "Betty Etten Wiker Papers" accession number 03-175-29
Notes: (WAC) Women's Army Corps

Testing Canons<br> photo 222<br>Testing Canons
photo 222
Date of photo: Early 1900's
Photographer: L.E. Robertson
From the "RC Force" collection, accession number 2003-0174-00371

A Soldier's Best Friend<br> photo 238<br>A Soldier's Best Friend
photo 238
Date of photo: August 28, 1943
Photographer: Official U.S. Navy Photo
Location: Kiska, Alaska
From the "San Fransisco Call-Bulliten, Aleutian Islands Photographs " collection, accession number 1970-0011-00086
Notes: The first day of the Kiska landing. American troops took over the Japanese Central Shack

Strike up the band<br> photo 241<br>Strike up the band
photo 241
Date of photo: June 16th 1943
Photographer: Acme Photo
Location: Dutch Harbor, Alaska
From the "San Fransisco Call-Bulliten, Aleutian Islands Photographs " collection, accession number 70-11-27

780 Pairs of Water Mukluks for U.S. Army<br> photo 243<br>780 Pairs of Water Mukluks for U.S. Army
photo 243
Date of photo: 1896-1913
Photographer: H.G. Kaiser
Location: Nome, Alaska
From the "Historical Photograph" collection, accession number 05-26-1
Notes: Freight furnished by Delbar & Franzen

Ft. Gibbon Tanana Alaska ca. 1915<br> pano 31<br>Ft. Gibbon Tanana Alaska ca. 1915
pano 31

Photographer: F.W. Sheelor
Print Dimensions: 8.5" x 54"

A Sourdough Soldier's Sunset<br> photo 253<br>A Sourdough Soldier's Sunset
photo 253
From the "Doris Stephan" collection, accession number 93-253-123

Lets all back the attack!<br> photo 261<br>Lets all back the attack!
photo 261
Photographer: Alaska Territorial Guard
Location: Alaska
From the "Alaska Territorial Guard" collection, accession number 72-182-4
Notes: ATG poster advocating the 4th war loan

Jeep and B-25 Bomber Airplane<br> photo 191<br>Jeep and B-25 Bomber Airplane
photo 191

From the Alaska Air Command collection, accession number 87-149-39


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